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Tokai Tele black paisly (Limited edition)

To twang or not to twang? That is the question.

Who doesn't recognize this model? Originally designed in 1949 and still the most successful and best-selling model of the major American brand to this day. Who hasn't played it? A long line of big names have played or are playing this model, which is the holy grail for many musicians. Is it the simplicity, the sound, the feel, or because so much music has been written with it and you want to hear that sound?

The name "Tele" came about after some hassle with another brand, so the American brand adapted and came up with a reference to the upcoming television era. So far, a piece of history about the "Tele".

This amazing Japanese model from Tokai in Black Paisley edition is a beauty, and the luthiers have shown their skills to build a fantastic guitar in a small limited run. We're talking about a Japanese model that is built to perfection in every detail. Tokai is known for its consistent quality and is therefore highly sought after by collectors. Those familiar with the history of the American brand know that it has made mistakes over the years. Takeovers and a lot of hassle have had an impact on the quality.

Looking at the finish, we see a flower pattern, making a comeback! We see more and more manufacturers producing Paisley finish guitars. Everyone will recognize the Pink Paisley finish, and the Japanese probably thought, "why not black paisley"? You must have seen this metallic silver finish in real life. Sublime! The pink paisley Tele we had in the shop sold out in no time, and we expect this stunning beauty to also not stay in the shop for long.

Tokai's affinity and history of building TE-style guitars is reflected in the sublime quality of this model with its lively sound. Simply put, a cannon of a guitar, equipped with the right specs - just as it should be. What a delightful "twang" this guitar has. The TE-Vintage MK3 pickups are amazing and exactly the sound you're looking for and want to have. Some guitarists say "period correct". This is what makes the Tele so notorious and desired. Partly because a lot of music has been written with it, you want to hear that sound. I often say that photos and videos are nice, but holding, feeling, and hearing a guitar yourself is the best way to really experience how it sounds. No Photoshop, audio post-processing, but hearing for yourself in the moment how this guitar sounds is truly the best way. Feel free to visit our shop to listen to the sound. Personally, I think the neck pickup sounds fantastic.

The other specifications are also impressive. A two-piece alder body is what we see on this guitar. Alder has a resonant and balanced sound and great sustain. Due to its closed pores and dense grain, it is very suitable for finishes, which we see reflected in the very nice paisley finish.

A bolt-on maple neck with a 60's medium profile and a maple fingerboard is what you want and need with a Tele. The neck feels comfortable in the hand, and with the striking of the first chords, the neck does not feel sticky. People with not too large hands will have a lot of fun with this guitar.

When you take all of this in and then see the price of 1149,- for a Japanese model, you'll want to get to know this fantastic brand and try out this model in our shop.

See you soon?


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