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​Have you not been playing the guitar for very long or do you simply have a limited budget for your new instrument? Then Framus quality is also within reach!

With the D Series, the brand has introduced a line of beautiful guitars designed in Germany, but produced in China.

Framus luthiers check all guitars in the Custom Shop in Germany before they travel to our shop. The guitars come with straplocks and a gig bag, and that for a very nice price.


D-series models

​Framus has selected the following models.

Panthera Supreme, Diablo Pro, Diablo Supreme, Diablo Supreme Progressive X, S370 XG and the Panthera 7 String.

​Types of wood


Depending on which model you choose from the D series, you can expect bodies from Mahogany.

The Idolmaker, Diablo Supreme, Panthera Supreme etc. contain Mahogany bodies.

The question we sometimes get is: are these the same bodies as Teambuilt, Masterbuilt and Customshop guitars from Framus? No, of course not, but you can expect solid quality with these entry-level models. Compare it with the major American brands that have entry-level models outside the A brand.

​Red Alder

You will find this type of wood, for example, in the Diablo Pro series from Framus.

This is a fairly lightweight type of wood and can be compared to basswood and has a nice discoloration. Alder has a fairly warm sound but little drawing. The wood is quite soft and prone to dents.

​Maple veneer

The D series uses the highest grade of Maple veneer. AAAA flamed maple veneer.

Here too you can see per model where there is a Maple top on the body. Veneers are wafer-thin layers of wood that are glued to the body of the guitar. Think of paper thin and people mainly do it for looks. An inexpensive method to make the guitar look aesthetically beautiful for a low price.


The necks are made of maple.



With teambuilt guitars you can choose from different options in terms of finish. Depending on the model you have the options:

Transparant satin top, side & back

​Semour Duncan

The relationship between Framus and Seymour Duncan pickups has been solid for years. Not surprising when you know that the pickups that are made, just like Framus, stand for quality and are one of the world's largest pickup manufacturers. The sound is universally praised by the greatest musicians you can name.

You can find Seymour Duncan in the entry-level D series that we have in our shop. Where many other brands opt for house brands, Framus immediately opts for the better pickups, which only benefits the sound.

​To give an example, the Diablo Pro D-series comes with:

Passive Seymour Duncan

  • Neck SH-1n

  • Middle SSL-1 RW/RP vintage Single Coil

  • Bridge TB-4JB humbucker

The Idolmaker D-series comes with:

Passive Seymour Duncan

  • Neck SH-1n humbucker

  • Bridge Sh-4b humbucker


In short, Framus does not skimp on pickups and that is why these D-series are on average better than other entry-level models from renowned brands.

D-serieDiablo Pro-BurgundiRedTransparentSatin-.png




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