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The ultimate all-rounder!

Framus doesn't hesitate to look at the stunning results with these 4 amazing Panthera II Studio Supreme models. Spectacular colors, woods and pickups. 4 Customshop/Masterbuilt guitars but for a Teambuilt price.


Teambuilt modellen

Why design this model?

As you may know, the classic LP model has a mahogany body, mahogany 24.74 inch neck, a maple top as it was once intended and designed. The creamy pickups do the rest.


This also applies to the Panthera II Supreme models from Framus. On the Framus page you can find these models in stock in several colors and of course information about, among others, Plek and ITF technology. The Stratocaster, on the other hand, has a body that can differ in wood types, but each has a 25.5 maple neck that always fits well in the mix.


What if you build a guitar with the qualities of both guitars?

Then you get the Panthera II Studio Supreme. We often hear that girarists like to play on an LP, but find the string tension too weak, among other things. In addition, guitarists regularly look for a guitar that fits well in the mix and with which you can play multiple styles.


In Stock - Anker


The Panthera II Studio Supreme has a fat mahogany LP body with a maple top, 25.5 inch maple neck and an ebony fretboard. We say it can't get any better.


The 25.5 inch scale ensures tighter string tension and you get a bottom end that sounds tight, as we call it what rock and metal guitarists want. Also ideal for music with down-tuned strings. Think of Drop D tunings etc.

This in combination with a maple neck provides a sharp, higher, tight sound in the mix. Ideal for riffs, solos and clean hi-fi chords.









​Types of wood


On the Panthera II studio Supreme models you can expect bodies with a Mahogany body.

Luthiers' years of experience determine which will be used for these models. Mahogany has a rich, warm sound that is loved by many guitarists and is therefore widely used.


The top of a guitar is a much discussed topic. Is it the drawing that makes the difference or the type of wood itself?

This Panthera II Studio Supreme uses, among other things, AAAA maple as the top, which we at Framus in Germany were able to select from their own Wood Library. Maple is very hard, has a high density and produces a loud and powerful sound. Maple also produces a clear and pure sound and is therefore loved by many guitarists. In addition, these AAAA tops also have really beautiful drawings.


Selecting wood

What makes it special is that these 4 models have been personally handpicked by Marcus. Due to the very good cooperation, we were able to select these in the Wood library and these tops are very unique and we can no longer call them teambuilt. Unique if you become the owner of a Panthera II studio Supreme. A Customshop/Masterbuilt guitar but at a teambuilt price.



The Seymour Duncan pickups are impeccable and have been specially selected for this model and are more edgy and ideal for low tunings and of course the mix.

Traditionally, this model also has a wonderful creamy pickup in the neck.

The APH-1n ensures that you get that wonderful 59' feeling you are looking for.

To properly support the maple neck, Framus opted for an SH-5 Humbucker in the bridge.


Unique to this model, in addition to the humbuckers, is the single coil in the middle for your strat-like sound and bell (hi-fi sound). You can also split everything as ice on the cake. This Stratocaster pickup (APS1) delivers the chime and bell tone that Strat players enjoyed in the 1950s, but with a sweeter-sounding high end.


Want to try it yourself?

The Panthera II Studio Supreme is a very versatile guitar that you should try at least once in our Shop. View our models online that were built once in this edition/specs at this price in connection with our 3-year anniversary of the shop.