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We can say that Koch was one of the founders of the development of hybrid amps.


What exactly are hybrid amps? Is that like a hybrid car? We will explain it to you!

The Jupiter


The layout of these models are the same. The difference really lies in the wattages of these amps and of course the cabinet. The 20watt is a lot smaller than the 45watt and you can hear the difference.


This series is also available in a Stack Variant, highly recommended. Particularly because of the KCC speaker cabinet, it is a pleasant surprise what this amp performs.


In our shop the amp comes standard with a pedal. An essential part of the amp to switch your sounds. From clean to overdrive to high gain boost. This is often not included as standard at other stores, but it is with us, because we consider this essential for your amp.

​When we talk about guitar amplifiers you have: transistor amps, hybrid amps or full tube amps. When we talk about Koch we often talk about full tube amps, but that changed a few years ago.

The Jupiter was born! The first hybrid amp was a fact from Koch and what kind?!

A hybrid amp is a transistor amp with a pre-amp tube so that you still get that warm tube sound. Koch has managed to build an amp that meets your expectations and still gives you the feeling that you are playing a tube amp.

The first Jupiter built was a 45-watt amp with a rotatable wattage knob so you can play at lower power at home and in the practice room without compromising your sound.


After a few years the little brother was added and that is the Junior 20watt. Very suitable for starting guitarists, but don't underestimate the sound this small amp can produce. You will surprise many sound engineers, especially on small stages. When you're done performing, the sound engineer will probably say 'wow', that's a great amp!










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