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Pre- Order Teambuilt Signature WH-1 Wolf Hoffmann

When you say Wolf Hoffmann, you think of the last original band member of the legendary Metal band Accept. The endorsers of Framus Guitars are not very numerous, but the artists who support the brand have been loyal to the brand for years.

This also applies to Wolf Hoffmann, who came into contact with Hans Peter during a party a long time ago and still plays his signature Framus in 2024.

We couldn't avoid ordering 2 beautiful WH-1s. Because Framus has no stock, the guitars are only built on request and there is a waiting period of 22 to 24 months. We expect one in mid-2025 Solid Cream White High Polish (which has already been sold) and a Solid Black Satin which can still be pre-ordered from us.

The model: The Shape

The WH-1 really has killer looks and you will really steal the show with this model. Of course, we all see the V-shape of this iconic model from a legendary American brand, but it is still significantly different with its own face. So different that even the Supreme Court in the U.S. had to be called in twice to force Gibson to face the facts that this series does indeed have its own identity and that Framus has won the battle twice and can therefore continue with producing this signature series. Personally, I think the headstock of the WH-1 has a fantastic look.

The model: The specs/woods

A complete maple body was chosen for the body. So you can expect a clear sound in combination with the maple neck through construction. A non-standard setup and that already makes this guitar unique. On the fingerboard you will find a beautiful piece of tigerstripe Ebony and these 2 types of wood form the basis of the Wolf Hoffmann.

To give you an impression of dimensions:

Scale length 648 mm / 25.5"

Width Nut 41.3mm / 1.6"

Width 12th fret 52.5 mm / 2.06"

Frets IFT - Invisible Fretwork Technology, Plek Fretwork is unique and you can find it on our website more information find out about this. So expect the best possible fretwork from Framus.

The model: The specs/pickups

Wolf has had a personal sound developed in collaboration with Fishman pickups. A Wolf Hoffmann Signature Singlecoil (neck) / Wolf Hoffmann Signature Humbucker. This with a Volume (P/P), Push/Pull for Voice selection in combination with a 3-way switch.

The model: Tremelo

The original Floyd Rose trem ensures that you can make a stable dive that will give you a big smile.

The model: the extras

At Framus they don't make it difficult for you with strap locks and they are already mounted on them as standard. No more: drilling, filling, etc. Just plug in your strap and play.

Of course the guitar comes with a nice gig bag and with a bit of luck you will receive a beautiful leather strap from Framus from us. Oh yes, and those Graph Tech Ratio Locking Machine Heads are also standard at Framus. Finally, you will receive a certificate of authenticity with photo, specs and a USB stick with information about Framus Guitars.

Beautiful words from the guitarist from the band Accept himself.

Wolf Hoffmann: "Growing up in Germany everybody had a Framus guitar at one point or another and I could have never anticipated that one day I would be friends with Hans Peter Wilfer, the man behind the re-birth of his father’s legendary brand. I had no idea what an amazing company they really are until I went to their factory and saw first hand the unbelievable craftsmanship and quality they deliver. I am happy and proud to introduce my first signature guitar, a real Heavy Metal Axe made in Germany!" 

The Solid Black Satin can still be pre-ordered so don't hesitate any longer. This really is a beauty of a guitar.

Feel free to send Message for more information.


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