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SRP serie

This series comes from the Korea line.

After the VL series, which is the highest quality series from China, there are various series that you could choose from that are built in Korea.


Small quantities, maximum attention from the luthiers, high quality standards, even better types of wood and built in peace. You can think about that if you choose the Korean line.


So we are going to a completely new level of quality in wood types, finishing and sound of course. You have to see, hear, feel and play this line yourself to experience the difference.


The SRP comes in a Grand Auditorium cutaway model and comes with a solid case gig bag.


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​DS-2 Pro system


The Stage series is equipped with the DS-2Pro system and is a nice addition to the pickup under the bridge and combination with a microphone in the sound box.


DS-2 Pro produces the quality sounds with the under-saddle pickups and condenser microphones. The sound through the condenser microphone in particular provides a natural reverberation tone. And it combines with the sound of the pickup under the saddle. The DS-2 Pro system creates a more stereoscopic sound to support the performers.

Dreadnought, Orchestra, Grand Auditorium?

What suits you, what feels good for you, what plays best for you, etc. Reviews, videos, it's all fun, but come and have a look at the Crafter dealer in the region The Guitar Master and be inspired and together we will discover something new. suits you in terms of model and playing style




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