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Partly because Tokai has built for Gibson and Fender, the brand knows exactly what it takes to build a quality guitar at a competitive price without sacrificing quality.

Whether it is the iconic Les Paul, SG, Les Paul junior etc, Tokai's models are sublime. We call all Chinese models "traditional series"

We proudly present our new line of Tokai China guitars and you can admire various models in our beautiful showroom and webshop.

If you want to get acquainted with traditional models but don't want to make the leap to the Japanese line yet, Tokai China is the brand to come play.


The Chinese series is actually a must-have for any guitarist who wants to play a traditional model electric guitar at a very competitive price.

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​Japanese control

The price/quality ratio of Tokai China is astonishing and the looks of this line of guitars are as we say "Stunning".

It is important to mention that the guitars built in China are subject to Japanese quality control.

The hardware on the Chinese series comes from Korea and the fretwork comes from Japan. In short, expect quality at the right price ratio.

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Surf this webpage and get acquainted with the Tokai China models.

Do you like a model but it is not quite the color you are looking for? Thanks to very short lines, we can hopefully get your desired color quickly into our showroom and you can also find color options on the website so that we can help you quickly.

Team The Guitar Master

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