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Making music is like painting a picture

​Some artists choose to paint in one color, other artists choose to use as many colors as possible. Effects are like colors for your tone. Use as many colors as you need to create the sound you are looking for.

The Black Country Customs range of guitar pedals was born from the desire to achieve the best possible guitar tone. Each pedal is designed to deliver just the right amount of pedal "mojo" into your signal path without being too obtrusive. The result of hours of dedicated testing and listening, each Black Country Customs pedal is built with the highest quality components and designed to last a lifetime on your board.



​Where you have a pedal with multiple modes on a dark stage, a three-color LED gives you a clear visual reference to the mode your pedal is operating in.

​The Steelpark is a versatile Boost pedal with plenty of headroom and designed to help you push your amp harder through any mix. Ideal for stacking on your board before or after  all your other gain pedals. This pedal gives you 30dB gain and you are always present in the mix.

It is important that when you activate an effect there is no switching sound. That is why Laney takes great care to design a switching system that is completely silent in use. Tri-color LEDs are more expensive than regular single-color LEDs, but Laney thinks it's worth the investment.



​The TI-BOOST gives you the guitar tone that has been recognized by millions around the world for decades.


Come try this beautiful pedal in The Guitar Master Shop

​The TI-BOOST is a great sounding Boost pedal. Designed in collaboration with one of the first Laney artists Tony Iommi to be a key part of his touring rig for the last ever Black Sabbath tour.

The TI-BOOST replicates the significant bass cut and mid boost of Tony's original "modified" Dallas Arbiter Range Master pedal, but has added a little more gain and some improved EQ options to make it more attractive to any guitarist looking to is looking for his own pedal.



An analogue chorus based on a thick, lush Boss CE1 from 1976, a spacious digital chorus based on the Roland Dimension D from 1979 and the famous, rich-sounding Dytronics Tri Stereo Chorus from 1985, all in one box. The Chorus is indispensable in your pedal collection.

The Spiral Array has three beautifully crafted distinctly different chorus pedals in one box.

THE SPIRAL ARRAY houses 3 classic chorus sounds, painstakingly recreated from the classic era of Chorus mid-70s to mid-80s.