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The guitar you've always dreamed of for an equally great price? Tokai doesn't turn a blind eye to it. This Japanese luthier gained fame in the 1970s with his great replicas of American classics, after years of building Japanese guitars for Fender and Gibson, among others.


Although they were of course copies, the instruments were and are highly coveted by collectors because of them great quality, which has proven to be better than the original more than once.

Tokai has now had to adjust its guitars to make them differ just a little more from the original models. But this does not mean that the small-scale builder has given up: the replicas are still of collectible quality. Because if there is one thing Tokai has always excelled at, it is consistently delivering high-end work.



The Premium series is the highest series in the Tokai line. This means high quality of the instrument built in Japan with: Nitrocellulose lacquer finish, Pickups period correct. Construction of the model period correct and high quality materials. If you are looking for an instrument that retains its value, then you are certainly in the right place with the Premium series, but still with a friendly price. In short, with these high-end guitars you get real stars that are certainly not inferior to the original models from major and better-known brands.

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Tokai Japan - ROUND_2x.png
Our Tokai stars

Tokai understands all too well that guitars should speak for themselves. The brand prefers to let artists convince themselves of the magic of its instruments, rather than paying them to play with them. And this approach works: the traditional models in new, modern versions still attract full houses!

Premium, Vintage & Traditional series

In our shop you can find Tokai guitars from different series. 


The Vintage series follows after the Premium series and is also manufactured in Japan at a very affordable price. In this series we find, among other things, Urethane lacquer as a finish. This is a thicker lacquer that still retains good resonance. In addition, you will still find high-quality materials and types of wood.



Finally, we also have the Traditional series in our shop. These models come from China and in our shop you will find not only the Flying V's as Traditional, but also other models such as the SG's, the LP's, the Strats, Junior's, Thinlines and of course the Tele's. Tokai knows more than what to score with these replicas of legendary models, traditionally built in China, but always under Japanese quality control using only the best materials such as the Korean tremolo bridge. A really great price/quality ratio that we would like to tell you more about.


Commitment to manufacturing
"inefficient manufacturing principle"

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