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Framus Masterbuilt Television P90

This model is inspired by the Television model from the 1960s by Framus, but with a fresh makeover. The Television is a semi thinline hollow and in terms of looks it may have made a nod to a Jazzmaster or a Jaguar without losing its identity. Once you have this guitar in your hands, it feels like coming home. If you think “looks like a lightweight”? Then I can tell you that with 3.5 kg you have enough body.

A Masterbuilt was still missing from our collection and with this guitar our core line is complete. There are 4 series. D-line, Teambuilt, Masterbuilt & Customshop.

What is the difference between the Television Team and Masterbuilt, I hear you ask?

The answer is not that difficult. For example, the Teambuilt has a top made of AAA Maple and the back is made of mahogany. That's already a big difference in sound when we look at it this Masterbuilt guitar. Both the top & back feature great pieces of AAAA Maple that have been carefully selected by most experienced luthiers.

The Masterbuilt models are all built with AAAA wood types.

The middle section of the body is made of mahogany. When we look at the neck of the guitar we also see a beautiful piece of mahogany with a fretboard of the highest quality Ebony Tigerstripe. This contains 22 extra high jumbo frets of 2.9mm wide and 1.3mm high. These have been carefully treated with the IFT - Invisible Fretwork Technology & Plek Fretwork. All teambuilt models also receive this treatment.

The round edges complete it completely. You can also find more information about this technology on our website.

The illuminated side dots are nice extras and super handy for when it is dark on stage. At the top we find Graphtec Ratio locking tuners and they do what they are supposed to do. The wooden tuners make it really nice.

The P90 elements are also the crème de la crème and I don't think they need any introduction.

Fatter than single coils, and a little less fat than a humbucker covers it for now.

What does this guitar sound like, how does this guitar play, which guitarist is this guitar intended for and what style is suitable for this guitar? Let it be clear that for really hard metal it is better to play a Framus Diablo II Supreme. Also a fantastic model. We invite you to decide for yourself what you can do with this guitar.

We are convinced that Framus is the brand of 2021 and the future. Quality with a capital “K”. This guitar comes with an authenticity document and is supplied in an exclusive handmade leather gig bag.


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