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VL Serie

Fresh off the press, The Guitar Master shop presents a new series of Crafter guitars. To emphasize it, the VL series is the premium series from Crafter from China. The highest segment of guitars equipped with the new "VVS (Vintage Voicing System)


In addition, the guitars are once again equipped with the DS-2 Pro system. Come try these guitars in our shop and you will be amazed by this series. And all this comes with a nice solid gig bag.


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​VVS (Vintage Voicing System)

What exactly is this? In times when you can read that, among other things, a guitar neck is baked in an oven, etc.


To explain it simply, we tell you that these new guitars will sound more like an old vintage guitar through the VVS. In short, you don't have to play a guitar for 50 years before your guitar starts to sound and look vintage due to a lot of sweat, playing hours and weather influences. Crafter has taken a closer look at old vintage guitars and has found a formula to give new guitars a more vintage feel and look.


The VVS top is made by the Crafter Team by heating the well-dried spruce top for 2 to 3 days at very low temperatures. This not only makes the guitars look vintage, but they also sound more vintage.

​The VVS top creates a more vintage tone that emphasizes more of a mid-low range sound. We can tell you more, but come and experience for yourself what this feels, sounds, plays and looks like.

DS-2 Pro system

The VL series is also equipped with the DS-2Pro system and is a nice addition to the pickup under the bridge and combination with a microphone in the sound box.


DS-2 Pro produces the quality sounds with the under-saddle pickups and condenser microphones.

The sound through the condenser microphone in particular provides a natural reverberation tone. And it combines with the sound of the pickup under the saddle. The DS-2 Pro system creates a more stereoscopic sound to support the performers.






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