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The guitars from this German manufacturer are also called the 'Ferraris of guitars'. And anyone who takes a first look at this fine piece of work will immediately understand why: Framus offers high-quality guitars that are made with an eye for detail and the environment. Pure perfection, then!

For you as a guitarist, the brand has no fewer than four different lines to choose from. The D-Series is a line that is manufactured in China and receives a final check in Germany. The Teambuilt line, on the other hand, is built entirely in the Framus Custom Shop in Germany.

​The Masterbuilt is a line that we cannot describe in any other way than the handmade crème de la crème of this top brand: think of the best wood types and hardware available and all built by the best Masterluthiers from Framus. Finally, they have the Custom Shop. You can put together your dream guitar together with us and Framus. Completely put together your own wood types, pick-ups and other hardware, finish, etc. Have the ultimate guitar built once in your life. If you can dream it, Framus can build it.

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4 year warranty.png
4 year warranty.png

​4 years

​Standard 2 years extra warranty on top of the factory warranty!