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Speaker Cabinets

One wonders what is the secret behind Koch.

Besides Koch's great amps, the speaker + cabinet is perhaps partly the silent force behind the brand.


​Like most brands, you can get speaker cabinets with 1, 2 or 4 speakers in combination with Dynacon speaker cables. That in itself is not that special because several brands have this. But? For example, if we look at the KCC112 speaker cabinet, we see a bass port! That's where Koch's secrets emerge.

The custom-made Koch speakers also provide the specific Koch sound.


All combos and cabinets are equipped with custom made Koch speakers as standard. In a never-ending quest for perfection, the brand realized that not only the design of the amplifier, but also the speakers are an essential part of the total sound experience. Koch currently has three models: the VG12-90, the VG12-60 and the VG10-25.

The types of wood

After exhaustive research, testing has shown that the materials used for the shell and baffle are a very important factor in the overall sound quality of a cabinet. For this reason, the shells of the cabinets are made of the best quality 11-layer birch plywood with wood-wood connections, while the partitions are made of vibration-free MDF.

​This combination produces a tight bass with colorful mids and smooth highs, just right for guitar sound reproduction.


All covered in stylish (and sturdy) black vinyl, the cabinets complement virtually any installation.


The speaker cabinets are equipped with the best available hardware: thick quality vinyl; nickel plated corners, reinforcement strips and screws, leather bar handles, removable casters and rubber stacking feet.


Because there is a lot of variation, we would like to refer you to the Koch page for detailed information. You can of course come and test it in our shop without obligation and experience and get to know Koch yourself.


We are happy to help you with your new dream amp and if we don't have something, we can quickly contact Koch, because we are in the same region.

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