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​Deeply forged in
the Black Country

​As metal lovers, our hearts beat faster with the Ironheart series. You can find the Ironheart in the following variants:

꒦  RT-60 H in combination with GS 212 IE

꒦  IRT30 - Combo


The Ironheart has a digital studio reverb on board and gives you an idea of the space you are in. Adding the right reverb adds atmosphere to the guitar signal and brings your sound to life.

​A thoroughly modern sounding amplifier with high gain, lots of compression and packed with features on board, the IRT is an extremely versatile, aggressive sounding amplifier. Featuring a full 3-channel preamp with clean, rhythm and lead channels, plus a footswitchable pre-boost section, it's an asset to any modern guitarist who plays heavy rock and metal.

The tubes.

Premium Hand selected ECC83 & 6L6 tubes for the biting character, something the heavy player likes to hear in his sound.

The IRT also features a variwatt control, which allows you to get the sound you want at any wattage level without compromising your sound. This means a lower wattage for your bedroom or studio, for example.

The Variwatts control the signal level in the power amplifier, allowing it to be driven louder at lower volume levels. For full power output, using the power tubes at maximum levels.

​Come and test this amp in our showroom because there is a lot to tell about this amp. In our studio you have access to backing tracks and Spotify to play along with your favorite band.





IRT 60 H


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