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Koch Twintone Mark III Combo

We have been a proud dealer of the Koch brand since December 2020. Maybe the name sounds American or English, but we can say “Dutch”. Yes, just from the Netherlands and also in the region where our shop is located. Koch amps has a very wide line of guitar amplifiers and these can be admired in our beautiful showroom. Hybrid amps, awesome tube combos, stack sets, pedals. You name it, Koch has it. This Dutch brand has its act together well.

Today in the spotlight: Twinetone Mark III combo.

The new Koch Twintone combo has had a major facelift and the result is impressive: a good dose of restyling on the inside and outside, without losing the best features of the Twintone I and II. The Twintone III has a larger housing than its predecessors, which gives the amplifier a deeper and warmer bass.

Let's start with the great stereo-like clean sound on channel 1. That will make even a well-known American brand jealous. This clear sound is often found at Koch. A must for many guitarists and that is why we recommend every guitarist to play a Koch. A treat for the ears to hear this sound.

This channel has its own volume knob and its own 3 band EQ. No gain knob which you often see with amps. Clean should be clean so no gain knobs are needed for the clean channel.

If you play with a humbucker and you think "this is a bit too loud for me", with 2 inputs you have the following choice. The 'Bright Clean' guitar input of the trims the midrange slightly for humbucking pickups, which immediately creates a wonderfully warm, calm and friendly sound and makes the humbuckers sound less bombastic. With a single coil in your guitar we plug in normal input and what is striking is that you have compression without losing the ringer. In short, no compression pedal is needed anymore and 2 inputs are an added value and we say "genius".

If you want an edge on your clean sound, we use the overdrive channel. This overdrive has been given a new voice, giving the crunch and lead tones a more complex and rich sound, full of definition and depth. That transition from a pristine, clean sound to crunch or saturated overdrive with tireless sustain has never been so good! You have to hear it to experience it for yourself. This channel also has its own EQ and volume knob. The gain knob has a very powerful function compared to other amps.

Koch has another surprise and that is a boost function for the overdrive. But wouldn't it be better to say "channel 3" Because that boost certainly provides a new dimension to your sound and we can say that we are going to High Gain towards Peavy and EVH, but with more definition. Fat riffs come out of this amp with an articulation that is impressive. In short, the overdrive channel is a very versatile channel. From the raw edge of your clean sound to High Gain surpassingly scorching distortion.

This is a treat for every guitarist. And when you play that beautiful solo, you want to be audible and the Twintone has a separate volume knob. Solos are audible from the moment you play this amp! Indispensable and no longer need separate volume pedals.

This modern amp is complete with a 4-switch pedal including switchable master volume, solo and reverb. Indispensable for every guitarist. Add to that the Presence, parallel/serial effects loop, record output with speaker simulation. The beautiful EL34 tubes the VG12-90 watt speaker and with a total of approximately 23 kg you have a Dutch Amp that is trend-setting.

Close to home for service and fast handling. A combo you really must try. And if you want a little more body? We also have the Twinetone stack set in the showroom, so come and try this amp in The Guitar Master shop.

We can confidently say that we are “the” Dealer of the Netherlands. Why? Come visit our shop and let us tell you everything about Koch. The range we have, the passion for the brand, take a look at our website and social media. We are in love with the brand.


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