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Ibanez AZ226 PB Cerulean Blue Burst

Who doesn't know the brand? Steve Vai, Satriani, Paul Gilbert, John Petrucci, and a long list of other names have contributed to making Ibanez what it is today. S Series, RG Series, Artist series, and the list goes on with the various models that Ibanez has released.

Since December 2020, we have been proud dealers of Ibanez.

The brand offers a wide range of guitars, so the choice is? A no-brainer, enormous!

We've found a happy medium because if we were to have all the models in the showroom, we could start a warehouse, and that's not what we want.

We don't sell starter packs, but for beginners, we have really nice guitars to start with. Then we move on to a higher line. You can immediately notice the difference in quality (better woods, finish, pickups, etc.) And to highlight today: "The Premium series". We are impressed by this line of guitars. Especially when we look at price/quality ratio. These guitars are built in Indonesia by more experienced luthiers. You can tell that the gradation is a notch higher.

AZ226 PB Cerulean Blue Burst.

The Ibanez Premium AZ226 is not only a feast for the eyes but also the ultimate tool for any modern guitarist. In 2020, the professional magazine 'De Gitarist' had a review of this first-class instrument. And we can reveal: the reviews were more than glowing.

This guitar feels like coming home right away. This is all thanks to the ergonomic curves. Say goodbye to the 'getting-used-to' period; a few songs on this gem and it feels like you've been playing it for months. Another factor is undoubtedly the wonderfully playable neck made of roasted maple. Due to the thermal treatment in a vacuum, the neck gains resonance and becomes insensitive to climate changes. The neck feels so nice and smooth. Even for guitarists with smaller hands, this is a joy (I can talk about it). And then the Stainless steel jumbo frets. Much discussion about whether it affects the sound, but we can at least say that they reflect wonderfully and that the strings slide super smoothly with bends.

The specially developed Seymour Duncan Hyperion pickups with the dyna-MIX9 circuits provide versatile sounds with great articulation. The 9 stands for the no less than 9 different positions. We can explain it all, but testing this guitar is the advice to listen to the amazing variations yourself.

And then we top it off with the Gotoh T1502 tremolo and Gotoh H.A.P. Magnum Lock machine heads and the super beautiful Blue Burl top! And all that with a nice gig bag included for a very fair price.

Feel free to visit the shop to take a look at this beauty with your own eyes and be amazed.


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