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Tokai LS150

Know your classics, we often say in the shop. Truly beautiful, modern, and outstanding guitars are being built in 2022. Of course, the traditional models are not missing from our shop, but not from the major American brand that made this model famous. The modest Japanese company Tokai, which used to work for (yes) Gibson, started building guitars themselves after it was no longer needed according to the American brand. Tokai knows better than anyone how to build good guitars, and the American brand didn't overlook that.

The guitars were replicated to precision, causing the Americans to break into a sweat. After back and forth discussions, a compromise was reached, and Tokai could continue on its own path.

We too have seen, heard, and of course, played Tokai guitars, and were immediately convinced. That's why we've become a dealer for this amazing brand. Tokai has several series: Traditional series, Vintage series, Premium series, and especially for our friends at USA Music, the "USA Music Series".

We've largely chosen the Japanese Vintage series and Premium series. This is because these models simply sound a bit better than the Traditional series, with the Premium being the top line of Tokai. You can find some traditional guitars in the shop because we want to have our line complete in the shop, and these models are not built in Japan. For example, a Flying V is built in China, and we still wanted to have this model in our collection. Both the Vintage and Premium come from Japan, with the Premium being the top line of Tokai.

The Tokai LS150 3AAA comes from the Premium Series. What makes this model so iconic? Is it the feel, the sound, the long list of artists who have played it?

This model needs no introduction and is clearly based on that one famous American model Les Paul that Tokai has been building for years and plays just as well. The Japanese have once again delivered a true masterpiece with this model. The looks are simply magnificent.

We can describe the 3 AAA grade top as very beautiful and at Tokai, it's a Canadian flamed maple top and an African mahogany one-piece back.

The body is beautifully finished with a Nitrocellulose Violin Finish lacquer, which not only gives this model a classic look but together with the wood, the pickups, and part of the sound. Nitro finish is an expensive process because thin layers of lacquer are sprayed on the guitar. This immediately provides a sound that high-end guitars also have. So, part of the price is in this together with the better woods. This is often underestimated when buying a guitar. Directly looking at the price should not be decisive. Of course, it's important what your budget is initially. But don't compare guitars like this with guitars from China.

Back to the LS150.

The Vintage Paf Pro’s sound like the sound you want to hear from this model. Creamy, warm, round high on the neck, the vintage feel with overdrive during the bridge element.

The familiar blocks provide recognition of positions on the fretboard and look very nice. Of course, the classic tuners also determine the appearance, and all this is neatly packaged in a very nice case that we provide.

Feel free to come and try it out in the showroom and play a piece by Gary Moore or Joe Bonamassa; those legendary guitarists are big fans of this style of guitar!


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