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Koch Studiotone 20W combo

Why we are in love with Koch? Because, please note, the Dutch brand can easily keep up with big names that heavily paid artists play. Always developing, always open to suggestions, providing great service, varied range of amps and? Affordable!

This also applies to the new Studiotone 20watt tube amp!

A true metamorphosis!! That's how you can put it when we look at the new Koch Studiotone. With this modern new look, this amp will become even more popular, despite the fact that this amp is already a bestseller. The stack variant is also a serious runner in our shop. This is a separate amplifier with a separate speaker that is available in different variants. Check out our website for more information about this.

The first thing you will notice is that the new Studiotone has been given a completely new design. While the look was clearly retro, the model now has a fresh, modern design for 2021 and that makes us very happy. The front panel, the upholstery, the beautiful leather handle with which you lift the amp, the speaker cloth, etc., everything shows that this is the amp for now and the future.

What is also noticeable is that the amp has become larger, which you immediately notice in the sound. A deeper and warmer sound than its predecessor. If you play with single coil pickups, you immediately feel a kind of compression and that is a wonderful feeling, I must admit. An amp of this size with such an oemphhhhhhh in the clean. Compliments to the builders for this. No more need for a compression pedal and an instant big smile on your face.

The Studiotone is also known for its great-sounding clean channel. How does Koch do it every time? Who doesn't want the stereo bell-like sound?

If we then switch to overdrive, you become instantly happy. Once again I hear a little oemphhhh. There is also a boost function, but that should simply be called “Channel 3”. A great drive with a tendency towards high gain but with definition. The cool riffs come pumping from this amp and this amp is highly recommended for the modern guitarist.

The overdrive has 3 settings. Low, Middle and High which gives a clear and audible difference.

The Studiotone also has two voicing switches. With the 2-way mid-shift you can boost the mid-range frequencies and with the 3-way bright shift you can put more or less emphasis on the high frequencies. Truly amazing modes with so much added value.

If you take a look at the back of this beautiful amp, you will discover a wide range of other functions. How about a serial effects loop, recording output and two direct outputs? You can connect the unfiltered to the clean input of your amplifier, the low-level to an effects return input. Would you like to practice without any grumbling from the neighbors? Simply connect the headphones to the special input on the back.

This amp was already a great success, but with this completely new design and construction, every guitarist will be happy with this amp.

Come try out this new Studiotone combo or stack set in our showroom.


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