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Framus Masterbuilt vs Teambuilt

In the previous 2 blogs we highlighted the Framus Masterbuilt Television P90 and the Framus Teambuilt Television.

In our 3rd blog we would like to highlight these 2 guitars in more detail so that you can gain an even better insight into the differences between Masterbuilt and Teambuilt.

Body, Neck, Plek technology & Invisible fretwork, Pickups, Finish and accessories


If we look at the 2 bodies of the Televisions, we see a big difference.

The Masterbuilt Television features an AAAA maple top and back that have been carefully selected by Framus' master luthiers. Maple is very hard, has a high density and produces a loud and powerful sound. Maple also produces a clear and pure sound and is therefore loved by many guitarists. Between the 2 layers of maple we see a center piece of Mahogany and this type of wood has a rich and warm sound. This together creates a unique combination.

A Teambuilt Television has a top of AAA maple and the back is completely made of mahogany. This has a major influence on the sound of the guitar and therein lies the difference between Master and Teambuilt.

What is the difference between AAA and AAAA maple? If you look at the drawing (flames) you will see that the flames of AAAA Maple are very nice compared to AAA Maple. Of course, it's not just about the beautiful looks.

Most luthiers will also say that AAAA maple sounds even better than AAA. Of course, this did not come out of the blue and requires years of experience. But? It also remains a matter of taste of course. There is also a difference in mahogany, although this may not be visible at first glance, but you can 100% assume that there is a difference here too. The years of experience of luthiers are of course also the deciding factor and a Masterbuilt gets that better piece of maple and mahogany. It's really about the details here. Both instruments are sublime, with the Masterbuilt being a grade higher than a Teambuilt.


Both models have a mahogany neck, but the differences are in the fingerboard.

The Masterbuilt gets a Tigerstripe Ebony fingerboard. This type of wood has a high density and therefore a tight sound and produces beautiful high tones. Because this type of wood is more expensive and more difficult to work with, you will often find Ebony on more high-end instruments. Ebony usually has a dark/black color and looks particularly beautiful.

The Teambuilt, on the other hand, has a Rosewood fingerboard. This type of wood is relatively porous compared to, for example, ebony. The tonal quality of Rosewood is warm with an emphasis on the lower frequencies.

Plek technology & Invisible fretwork

On both guitars you will find 22 extra high jumbo frets of 2.9mm wide and 1.3mm high. These have been carefully treated with the IFT - Invisible Fretwork Technology & Plek Fretwork. All Masterbuilt and Teambuilt models receive this treatment. An expensive and complex technique that makes these guitars unique, including getting the perfect fret. Each fret is checked by a computer-controlled machine to see how high the frets are and then counted to the correct height with a computer-controlled program and ground down to a 100th of a millimeter. Framus is one of the few brands that applies this to its guitars. All this ensures the perfect fret.

The round edges complete your neck. All frets are individually rounded and checked. A time-consuming process, but it does ensure that these guitars have the highest playing comfort. Meer info You can also find information about this technology on our website.


You can find Seymour Duncan pickups on both models.

The Masterbuilt in our collection has a P90 element. This is an element that sounds fatter than a single coil and slightly less fat than a humbucker. So it's a compromise between a single coil and humbucker.

The Teambuilt has Humbuckers with a push-pull function. On both models you can choose which pickup you would like to have on the model. There is no “better than”.

Afwerking en toebehoren

We also see differences here. The Masterbuilt has wooden tuning knobs and a wooden cover at the trust rot compared to the Teambuilt. This gives a slightly more luxurious look than the Teambuilt. There is no “better than” here. It is purely a luxurious finish of the guitar that a Masterbuilt should get. The Masterbuilt has a Satin finish and the Teambuilt has a High Gloss finish. Both models are available in a Satin or High Gloss finish. The Gloss finish has the new UV lacquer finish technology. This ensures an even better and more beautiful finish.

The gig bag you get with a Masterbuilt is a handmade bag made of 100% leather.

When you see the bag you will immediately fall in love. This takes work and you even need a little muscle. The Teambuilt doesn't just come with a gig bag. This gig bag is also more than solid as you expect from a guitar of sublime quality.

In addition, both models receive an authenticity document and this completes the Masterbuilt and Teambuilt. If you add everything up, you can say that everything with the Masterbuilt is one degree higher than with a Teambuilt. From wood types to finishes, you get the best of the best.

We hope this has given you a better understanding of the differences between Master and Teambuilt. The next step could be to see the guitar in real life in our shop to hear, feel and see the differences. You are very welcome in our beautiful showroom.


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