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Hip and creative, but with a rough edge. Yep, that can only be about the Ibanez guitar, bass guitar and effects pedals brand. The story of this Japanese brand starts in the 1930s, but the rocket was only really launched in the 1970s with imitations of the Fender Stratocaster and Gibson Les Paul models. They were certainly not inferior to the original, but production was stopped due to copyright infringement. Then it was high time for Ibanez to forge its own path!

Stronger together
Unique collaborations with artists such as Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Paul Gilbert, which resulted in the 7-string Universe, among others, took Ibanez to a new level in a short time. The news spread like wildfire through the music world: you should try those Ibanez guitars once!

Our lines
The RG series is perhaps Ibanez's best-known line. These guitars can be used all-round, but are best suited for 'rougher work'. Especially if you like to play metal or heavy rock, the RG series is 'your guy' because of the fast and flat neck and the high-quality tremolo system. This line uses basswood with a deep, dark tone and a 25.5” scale length. Ibanez's SA models are distinguished by their slim design, with a flat back and arched top, in combination with a floating tremolo that only locks at the bridge. In contrast to the RG series, the SA series is mainly constructed from mahogany, making the sound of these guitars slightly richer, deeper and more strongly articulated.

The AZ guitars from Ibanez are real design models, built with very high quality materials and the most modern technological gadgets. And is semi-acoustic more your thing? The AS line got you covered! The AS guitars are artsy and jazzy, but also offer endless possibilities for rock, blues and country. This line is praised for its sound and great construction. And the friendly price tag is also nice!

Ibanez knows how to add a 'wow factor' to every model, so be sure to take a look around our webshop or showroom. And is that one color not included? Please do not hesitate to contact us! We are happy to see what we can do for you.

Ibanez is now also working hard on his relationships with the musical workplace, which has resulted in some beautiful, innovative and sometimes bizarre guitar creations. And that's great, because who knows better what you need as a musician than... That's right, musicians! For example, take a look at the AT10P, developed with Andy Timmons. Ibanez also has an eye for young promising talent, such as Yvette Young and JB Brubaker from August Burns Red (be sure to check out the JBBM20-GR in our shop!). The non-artist models are also a treat.

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