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Andy Timmons AT 10P

Andy who? If you have big names like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and Paul Gilbert as major endorsers, then I understand that when you hear the name Andy Timmons, you don't immediately say "Oh yeah."

But? Andy has long earned his stripes as a session musician. Paula Abdul, Vanilla Ice, Olivia Newton-John & P!nk, many artists are happy with the services of these musicians. In addition, he has his own band. And if you get to go with the G3, then you can really do something. We can describe his musical signature as blues rock with a wonderful vibe. Listen to "Cry for you" Goosebumps! Andy is a great solo artist with an impressive repertoire by now.

In short, we find our collaboration with Ibanez not unusual. Sometimes you hear people talk about Artist models not being top-notch and more made for the name. We won't waste too much time on that and can say with 100% conviction, "these guitars are sublime."

The AT10P is derived from the AT100CL, which is an exact replica of the model Timmons himself always performs with on stage. To make this original model accessible to a wider audience with a slightly lower budget, Ibanez & Timmons have introduced the slightly cheaper AT10P to the market, with slightly different specifications. But? Of course, it's still part of the Premium series, so expect quality! We don't settle for less.

The maple neck and alder body exude pure quality, exactly what you would expect from an Ibanez Premium artist model. The maple fretboard with black dot inlay has also been treated with Premium Edge Treatment and provides wonderfully playable frets that feel rounded at the end.

The pickups are the same as those in the AT100CL, and you must try these signature pickups by Timmons: a full-size AT-1 humbucker at the bridge and single-coil Cruiser pickups at the middle position and the neck. Just listen to a few songs because hearing says so much more than a very nice story about the sound of these pickups.

Di Marzio is simply top-notch!!

The biggest differences with Timmons' own guitar are, for example, the tuning machines and the Wilkinson WV6-SB bridge. The latter ensures smooth whammy action and very stable tuning.

As far as we're concerned, it was love at first sight with this model and its versatile sound. As an added bonus, you also get a nice gig bag with the AT10P!

1299,- is actually ridiculous when you see, feel, and hear how this guitar sounds.

So, it's a recommendation for guitarists looking for a versatile guitar.


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